Boost Your Profits with
Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator

Gets rid of smoke smell from:
Cigars, Cigarrettes, and especially
Medical Marijuana.
Works in seconds.
Keeps area fresh for hours.
Perfect for Home or Car!

5 New Great Scents!
They work great, smell
wonderful and sell fast!

12 Pack POP Counter Display Choices:

#108605 - Natural Citrus
#110900 - Spring Rain
#110903 - Crisp Apple
#115634 - Cranberry
#115636 - Tropical
#111167 - Mixed. 4 each Citrus, Rain & Apple
#115637 - Mixed. 4 each Citrus, Cranberry & Tropical

Packed 6 displays to a master carton. (72 bottles)

This Product Sells Itself!

Great Profit Booster for:
Dispenseries, Cigar Shops, Cigarrette Shops, Head Shops, Hooka and fine Tobacco Stores, Car Washes, etc.

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